Easy Yet Stylish Steps to Perfectly Wear French Cuff Shirts for Men

So you have finally decided to give french cuff dress shirts a try?

That’s a great decision. And we know you must be pretty nervous to try it for the first time. 

Don’t worry, we can help!

Before you buy a French cuff dress shirt online or locally, read this interesting post to know the easy tactics of rocking the french cuff shirts for men without trying too hard.

History of French Cuffs?

Many believe french cuffs came into existence when Napolean ordered long sleeves so the soldiers could easily wipe their noses using the cuffs and then fold the extra-long part back to hide it. There’s another intriguing story that says French cuffs were made to keep Napolean’s soldiers away from wiping their nose on their sleeves.

No matter how entertaining these stories may seem, none of them is true. French cuffs weren’t brought by the French - but British instead!

frenchcuff shirts

So What Are French Cuffs?

Your shirt cuff is the one visible part of the shirt, apart from the collar. Cuffs are categorized into three types. First in the list button cuffs or barrel cuffs. Let’s take a look at different ways to style different French cuff shirts for men.

Button or Barrel Cuffs

Button cuffs are single cuffs wrapped around the wrist and buttoned into place. This type of cuffs is generally found on all readymade shirts button or barrel cuffs have buttonholes on one side with buttons on the other. You can find a single button or multi-button cuff shirts in this variety for adjusting the fit as per your need. If you find a small button near the sleeve, it’s there to keep your wrist covered.

Link Cuffs

French cuff dress shirts with link cuffs have buttonholes on both sides of the sleeves, hence they can be closed with cufflinks, silk knots, etc rather than buttons. These cuffs are great for party wear or formal looks where every minute detail counts. Pair these with your favorite black or white slim fit dress shirt and get set to slay the upcoming special occasion like a true gentleman!

Convertible Cuffs

As the name suggests, these cuffs can be closed using cufflinks or buttons, depending on your personal preference. If you want a rather casual look, then you can go for the button version of convertible cuffs. For special events, cufflinks work better!

convertible french cuffs

Silk Knots

If you are after the most casual type of all, then silk knots are the best choice to go with. Made from a colorful yarn fabric, these are appropriate when you want to give your plain outfit a twist. 

silk cufflinks

When to Wear French Cuff Dress Shirts?

So now that you know what French cuffs are, it’s time to find out when you should wear these. There’s so much confusion when it comes to French cuffs. Traditional folks prefer them for formal occasions while the modern ones believe they can be adjusted with casual clothing too. Whatever the case, French cuffs are believed to be worn by the privileged class.

Here’s how you can style French cuffs:

With a Suit

You could spot an endless number of celebrities wearing suits with French cuffs. If they can, you can too! When dressing for formal occasions, make sure you wear a suit jacket to avoid the impression of cheap attire. Also, for such events, you need to complete the look with a black tie. Secure your French cuffs with the right cufflinks (onyx studs, etc).

Interestingly, there are trendy men who love to wear French cuffs with a sports jacket or blazer too! Silk knots are a go-to option for rather casual occasions.

french cuffs with a suit

For casual and semi-formal events, you have the complete freedom to experiment with your style. Try a bright silk knot cuff with your slim fit French cuff dress shirt to leave the impression of a modern hunk.

Don’t like colorful knots? It’s completely fine! Pick a more plain option to be more of a classy than the trendy guy at the party.

Rocking Your French Cuff Shirt

French cuff shirts are dress shirts that are characterized by button-up style with a collar, long sleeves, and wrist cuffs. Most of these are made from cotton and then dyed into different colors like black, white, etc.

Casual French cuff dress shirts for men are ideal for silk knot cuffs while the more formal ones would look great with studs. Pair your collared French cuff shirt with a sport coat or wear a jacket with a matching tie to be the center of attraction.

So this was our guide to wearing French cuff dress shirts with the right choice of French cuffs. So what are you waiting for? Buy yourself a dress shirt on discount from The Dapper Tie and slay the party with th French cuff look available under our accessories section!

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