Pocket Squares & Handkerchiefs

TheDapperTie offers a wide array of men’s prefolded pocket squares. A timeless addition to any suit, our prefolded pocket squares will help you stand out from the crowd. Choose from numerous colors and styles to add that special touch to your formal wear.

From pre-folded pocket square cards to three-piece sets, we have the accessories to make you look and feel your best. With a prefolded pocket square from our online selection, you can pop it in and go! Trust us, sliding one into your coat pocket automatically elevates your look. Shop The Dapper Tie for quality men’s prefolded pocket square cards, and choose your new favorite accessory today.

Complete Your Dapper Look With Pre Folded Pocket Squares

You might have dressed up in a costly pant suit or tuxedo accompanied by a dress shirt, a matching bow tie and even nice shoes - but is that all? Think well and you will come to know the missing part is nothing big but something as minor yet essential as pocket squares!

You heard it right - pocket squares are like that final touch to your overall attire no matter if it’s your own wedding, a friend’s party, or some formal occasions. Your every special event is incomplete until you put the right choice of pocket square on your suit. Good thing is The Dapper Tie has the best collection of pre folded pocket square that comes in different shapes and patterns to accommodate your needs.

Flat & Triangle Pocket Squares For Men

Choose from an extensive collection of double triangle pocket square, triangle fold pocket square, tuxedo pocket square fold, flat pocket square and more options available in different color choices.

A pocket square might look like a tiny bit of cloth, but it can definitely make or break your complete outfit and overall look. Make sure you pick the right type of pocket square from our assorted collection regular and tuxedo pocket square fold available in multiple color options to make your decision easier and quicker.

Don’t know how to fold a pocket square for a tuxedo? Don’t worry, we are happy to help you! Just choose the right pocket triangle or square for your outfit and get set to slay every party you attend