Single Ties

Stylish Ties for Men

Men’s ties have now become a fashion accessory men use to express their personal styles. And as always, neck tie sets add a bit of formality to your outfit. You can wear your tie with a formal, casual or trendy outfit. A thoughtfully handpicked tie can add a pop of color and a stylish flair to your outfit in no time.

Choose Your Style Necktie

Ties for men come in numerous styles including the likes of men’s skinny tie, extra long ties, and clip-on ties. There is a style for every man. If you want traditional and mature looks, a long tie is the best for you. If you want casual looks, buy a skinny tie from our collection. Those who can’t tie a tie, we have no-fail, clip-on ties for them. All types of ties come in a wide range of colors, prints, and fabrics.

Here at The Dapper Tie, we have a thoughtfully handpicked collection of men’s solid color, floral, and many other ties to add a professional touch to their outfits. You can choose a style, print, color, and fabric that works best with your personality. Match your tie with your shirt and look pleasing to the eyes of others.

So, explore our collection and order affordable men’s ties now!