How To Choose Men’s Outfit For A Triangle Body Type?

Sometimes you try to replicate the outfit of one of your well dressed friends or some celebrity. To your disappointment, this does not work. This happens because it is not your style. You have a different body type. You have to gather each piece right. And, most importantly, if you are looking at a poster of a celebrity, it is photoshopped. 

So, shall you buy men’s long sleeve shirts or men’s large tall shirts? To choose the right outfit , you have to be aware of your body type. Following are the most common body types in men: 

  • Triangle 
  • Inverted Triangle 
  • Rectangle 
  • Oval 
  • Trapezoid 

Before learning a little more about these body types, learn about the basic rules you have to follow:

  • Don't give preference to fashion trends over your body type and shape. 
  • Make sure that you can trust your tailor like your best friend. 
  • Your diet plan is two years long. Dress according to your current shape. 

If you focus on your build, you can divert attention away from some of your undesirable features.   

Triangle Body Type 

In relation to the top part, most of the men are larger around the hips and waist. As you get older, it creates a triangular shape with the tip at the face and base at the waist. A triangular shape does not reflect a bad shape. However, finding clothes becomes challenging. You want an outfit that makes your body appear proportional. 

Inverted Triangle Body Type 

It’s a big triangle with the tip at the belly button and the base at the shoulders. The chest is well developed and the waist and hips are not as broad as shoulders. Maybe you spend hours at the gym. Hectic workout sessions result in a narrow waist and accentuated thighs and shoulders. 

Rectangle Body Type 

The frame of a man with rectangular body shape is tall and thin. Waist, hips, and shoulders have the same width. 

Oval Body Type 

Hips and shoulders are narrower than the center of the torso. Broader, shorter limbs are often widened at the midpoints. If you are an oval-shaped man, choose clothes that can do the framing and slimming.   

If you have oval body type and you wearing men’s long sleeve shirts that are for rectangle body type, you will not look attractive. 

If you are a man with triangle body shape, today you will learn to choose an outfit that is just right for you. 

Choosing clothing for a man with a triangular body shape

Vertical Stripes 

Create a streamlined effect with this pattern. Vertical stripes elongate and slim down the upper part of the body. Prefer horizontal stripes only when visible from the chest upward.       

Tailored Patterned Blazers 

Wear fitted waistcoats and checked blazers with solid trousers. Solid colors and a thoughtful mix of prints create an illusion. And, this illusion takes attention away from your larger waist. 

Single-Breasted Suit  

You don't want to add bulk to your waist. So, prefer single-breasted suits over double-breasted suits. A single breasted suit is slimming fit and more relaxed. You need extra room around the waist and structured fit on the top. So, wear a tailored jacket.    

Brighter color panels 

Broaden your narrow upper torso with patterns and detailing running across your shoulders and chest. You can wear crew neck tees and jumpers with panels across the chest. Choose slimming gray, black, navy or some other darker color for the mid-section.   

Jacket with structured shoulders 

Your shoulder line is already sloping. So, avoid jackets with slouchy shoulders. Shoulders should be structured according to your frame. 


Clothing not suitable for a man with triangular body shape

Skinny fit  

Don't draw attention towards the center of your body with narrower trousers. Choose wide and straight leg fits. 

Fitted roll necks and Polo Shirts 

These two styles will accentuate any roundness in the waist. Roll necks and polo shirts will make your shoulders and neck appear slender.   

Busy prints and brighter colors

Bright, bold patterns can easily bring your triangular shaped torso to the attention of the observer. You can use them in the form of pocket squares.    

Your body shape is not the only thing you have to consider while shopping for men’s long sleeve shirts and any other piece of cloth. It is good to have a personal style. However, that style should pair well your body shape.

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